Why Bother? C2


Why bother?  Is a great question before starting, exploring why you want to make the change is important.  At first the answer always seems obvious, however if asked to make a list, or even recite the reasons the motivation is often weak.  I find if those who took the time to understand why they wanted the change, why the effort was worth the time, what all this was going to give them.  Asking why, getting an answer, then ask why again and again.  Those I have observed with a strong understanding of why it matters found a much quicker and easier path to success.

There are two common motivations to organize your cash flow (or budget).

  1. Over spending, or too much debt.
  2. Desire for something, or something more from life.

The first is a strong, common and a negative motivator.  Any motivation that works for you is ok, but be cautious with a negative motivation, it usually lasts just long enough to stop the pain.  If you are wanting to avoid or solve an issue then I would find something inspiring to motivate you as soon as possible.

The second, a desire to move forward is much more exciting.  From saving for your first car, your family or building the foundation to a better life.  I have seen a long list of positive reasons to make the change, these have proved an amazing catalysis as it launched many into an amazing life.

If you can’t define your why, that is ok.  Starting on your personal cash flow plan can still work.  I would continue to ask, Why?  what do you want to create?  what do you enjoy?  How would having a money work for you improve your life?  The more we understand about the life we want to live, the easier it is to create it.

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