Sacrifice And Extremes Do Not Help. C4

Budgeting and sacrifice seem to go together.  Since this is my blog and I do not believe in sacrifice that just won’t do.  However I see it all the time with many common budgeting models.

Over spending is not sustainable, and I would consider this one extreme.

Extreme Frugality  is not sustainable for most either, although many make an attempt after overspending..

The goal should be a happy medium, where life works, you have fun and live with in your means.

When creating a cash flow plan, putting ever cent towards debt may seem like a good idea, but if this leaves you with the feeling of sacrifice it is unlikely to help.  Too often the sacrifice is breaks with another extreme swing back to spending.

I view this like a pendulum.  Once in this cycle it tends to go from one extreme to the other, Overspending to pinching every penny.  since neither of these is sustainable, it becomes a trap, with more frequent and devastating swings between the extremes.

When creating a cash flow plan, avoid the extremes and avoid sacrifice.  Build a cash flow plan that you can live with long term.  Although it seems saving every dollar would get you ahead faster, by creating a level plan you can stick to, often the results come faster.

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  1. This is such a simply yet sensible idea. Thanks!

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