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February in the Canadian financial world tends to be all about RRSP’s or Registered Retirement Savings Plans.  Commercials seem to link a happy retirement to RRSPs, but like any tool they have their place and may not be the right tool for everyone.  With this I plan to update my RRSP blogs from a few years ago and post on this site.  My goal is first to create awareness of the questions you should answer before making the choice to purchase RRSP, and answer as many of them as possible.

Some of the questions I plan to answer are;

What is an RRSP?

Does an RRSP make sense for you?

What other options are there and how do they compare to RRSP’s?

What are the benefits of RRSP’s?

What are the drawbacks of RRSP’s?

Where would I go for an RRSP?

What fees are acceptable when investing in an RRSP?

With finances, everyone’s situation is different and I will attempt to address a wide array of issue there is no guarantee these posts can address every uniqueness of every situation.

To see the RRSP Checklist follow this link.

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