Fun Critical in Finance

Cash Flow 9 Fun and Financial Sucess CriticalMy boys wake up and are ready to play, fun rules their lives.  I am sure when I was  small I was the same way, however as I grew up; goals, work, responsibilities, money and kids all pulled at my time, and on occasion I gave up fun to make life work.

WHAT A BROKEN STATEMENT!!  I gave up fun to make my life work?

Of course my own life didn’t seem to be enough to point out the flaw in this, luckily through conversations with many clients I discovered that one of the fastest ways to fix their money struggles was to reintroduce fun into their lives.

I found when under extreme money pressure fun had almost completely been eliminated, with no money to do much they had compounded the problem by eliminating fun.  Now they could experience the financial stress full time, with little hope to cling onto and nothing short term to look forward to.  Now stuck in a negative place, getting out seemed impossible and the fight was beating them into a worse place.

Fun is important and has a powerful impact on our lives.  Having something to look forward to can have amazing results and is a must when taking on any challenge.  No matter what your challenge is I would argue fun is part of the solution.

This doesn’t mean spending large amounts of time or money you do not have.  It means being creative at bringing the things that are fun back into your life.

The Challenge.

For many clients the solution was simple, although they never seemed to think it was simple at first.  Find a way to do something you enjoy for free.

That’s right, “Find a way to do something you enjoy for free.”

At first stuck in the stress and negativity it seemed impossible  but the results where amazing.

For some it was as simple as going for a walk with friends, picking up a musical instrument or a paint brush, for others it was yoga, auto racing, cycling, sailing, running, skiing, woodwork or travel, and all for free.

And yes, racing cars and sailing yachts was done for free!

It was always simple once they realized they didn’t need to write a cheque.  Some of these hobbies even added money to the finances.  For most they found free ways to enjoy what they love, like walking in nature or playing an instrument.  Others went a little further and volunteered, or got part time jobs in the desired hobby.  Others just mentioned what they wanted to do and opportunities presented themselves.

Sail boats need crew and many are happy to welcome you on board to help out during racing season.

Others got paid positions that came with discounts on products.  Even after buying the gear required for the hobby a little money was left over to help out the finances.

Racing, yoga and a few others where volunteer positions found or created, in exchange for free access.

Some started very simple businesses, that they ensured made a little money.  Since the goal was just to pay for them to create the product it was simple to do.  Then they could sell them at local markets or on eBay.  The other solution for such hobbies was to teach, putting on classes that again had to be profitable (Aiming to break even usually ends up losing money).

The travel was a unique solution, the organised a group trip of people with similar interests.  As a thank you for putting the group together their trip was covered.

The process is always the same, if you really want it to include a hobby there is a way.  As long as you are flexible and willing to be creative in your path to achievement.  If you are not able to participant, in my experience it is one of two things;

  1. You don’t really want it.
  2. You are being inflexible and/or fussy

I have yet to see someone commit to taking this on and not find a way to include fun.


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