Is everything really that broken?

The financial system focused on profits and sales, our food losing nutrition and gaining poisons, enough resources to take car of everyone, yet many are still starving.

With so many major things broken I am becoming more optimistic.

I believe focus is an incredibly powerful force, and with the focus on money the results we are getting in our world make sense.  What gives me hope is the shift I am seeing with so many people.  Many choosing to spend more money on food to support what they feel is healthier or more responsible food.  Others instead of making more money are taking more time with their family.  As lifestyle, sustainability and contribution to others grow as priorities in so many lives it can only create a better place for the rest of us.

In my life I want to have fun and have family, friends and the community around me better off for my presence.  For me this does not mean I need to be poor, it means the choices I make should be in line with these values as I work towards my goals and raise my family.


Steps I believe help us take control and steer towards the world we want;

1.  Learning and questioning.  Make sure we are informed and ask questions to make sure we understand the issues.

2.  Financial Responsibility.  Having your finances in order allows you freedom to make the right choices and not ones forced onto you by bills and / or debt.

3.  Promote the conversation.  I do not believe conflict is the way to any sustainable solution,   collaboration is where I think we will find power.  Generating the conversation is a great way to include others and mold a solution that everyone can get behind.

4.  Create your focus.  The drive for money and power has lead us to where we are now, by choosing a different focus we can achieve different results.


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