Is your need of success keeping you poor?

I believe focus creates our lives, but why then do so many that have such a strong desire to be successful, fail so miserably when it comes to their finances?

When discussing financial priorities, too often the more important wealth was, the less they seem to have.  Instead, those that listed wealth as really important, seemed to accumulate debt instead.  After seeing this over and over, the issue became clear, it wasn’t wealth or success that they were focused on, it was image.  The focus was not on wealth or success, but instead looking successful, keeping up with others and appearing to be on their way to wealth.  One problem (and there are many), with this focus, is it creates spending and even  more devastating, debt, to build and attempt to maintain the “image” of success and wealth.

For those that insist on focusing on image, budgeting can be challenging, as it takes away from the current ability to achieve, and with this focus long term is often of little motivation.

Luckily most people I worked with found an easy solution once they realized what their focus really was, as most thought they where actually focused on success.  Empowered by the realization, a shift in focus to something that was a better fit for who they are, and much more motivating was easily made.  Armed with the new focus, the financial hurdles that before where insurmountable (as they were always in conflict with their true focus), became manageable, and financial success can now become part of their future.


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