I started out driven to build wealth, at first through investing. As time passed I found that structure, how I did things, often created money faster than investment returns alone. As I continued to learn I found that the quality of others’ lives seemed to be tied to their habits, attitude and accountability and not to income, hard work or education. Those with healthy financial lives had more of what mattered to them, than those who “needed” stuff. As time passed the gap always seemed to grow. becoming more aware of the differences, I found myself starting to change the way I lived. I separated my value as a person from my bank account, car I drove, image and net worth, while maintaining the need for money as a tool to live a productive life in our society. Through these conversations I have found a more enjoyable life. I have seen others take pieces of this conversation to turn their debt around, build a life they love or, in the most rewarding cases, fall in love with the life they currently have.

I created this blog to explore these ideas, create a larger conversation and share the next step in this learning process with others. I also hope to give others a place to share, comment and continue the financial conversation.

Some of the issues I hope to explore are:

• How could someone with a very small income, no inheritance, no lottery winning live an amazing life, and others making three or four times as much struggle to maintain an average life?

• How could someone investing in low returning assets still build to such a successful retirement?

• How can someone, without any new knowledge, tools or abilities turn their finances around rapidly? And more importantly, how did they do it?

• And if it is easy, why are so many so resistant to living the life they really want?

This blog will explore my questions, observations, comments and random thoughts around lifestyle and finances.

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